Dear Divorced Parents

As a Divorced parent i think i am more than qualified to bring this point up. STOP being assholes in front of your kids. It does not matter why the or how the Divorce took place. Yeah you might be very hurt, you might even still be in love with the other parent. You need to use some emotional intelligence and realize your outward anger is hurting your children. It can be so very hard at times to keep your mouth shut.

It will come as no surprise that I don’t really care for my Ex. I do however wish the best for her in front of the children and I never say anything negative about her. Even when the kids come home and say “Mum says…..”. Yeah it is very upsetting that she is not able to use emotional intelligence. But in the end when my kids think of me they know I am not going to bad mouth their mum. Then they also know I am a good person who does not do that to other people. It becomes a good example, positive learning.

Actions and words used with Emotional Intelligence change environments beyond any negative comments will ever do. This creates a more harmonic home life for them. Kids are already in enough stress due to two adults thinking of themselves and Divorcing. Then Lets toss in school and friends and all the fun stress that comes with understanding those. Next if you toss in juvenile actions of some divorced parents. The child might have a harder time just being a kid.

So what am i asking? It is very simple walk away take a time out for yourself. Eat some chocolate due some stairs do something other than being an asshole in front of your children. There is a possibility that they will grow up mean and horrible person. They might even think far worse things that both of my parents never wanted me…… You make the choice, i can’t make it for you. I am just seeing the impact of how being kind to the other parent is working for me. We have time for the fun things in life, like unconditional love (every kid deserves this).

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