Es7r0g3n UPdaTE HaHaHa ohhhhh..

Well as we know I had a severe reaction to the patches. Well for two weeks I have been on the pills after a year in a half on the patch. Well I have been talking to my doctor today about the reaction i was having and that I ignore the reaction for some long. I got in trouble for that btw. I was given a huge lesson in a short time about drug reactions and delivery methods and then we look at the reaction site from the patch. Two weeks on it is still a little inflamed. She pointed out that the Estrogen only entered my body in very small amounts as it was trying to fight the problem of the reaction.
We looked at the the amount estrogen then vs no and the what is going to happen and how my body right not is reacting. as of right now there have been a lot of changes. I would love to tell you what is going on but I am going to leave that for the end of the month update.

We talked a bit about the positives to what happened is that while on a lower does essentially my body reacted VERY well to the Estrogen. So the increase of it will react with my body even more. There was one point we looked at and that was the numbers that my levels were fine on the patch but with the fight it was having the numbers might be a bit skewed as my body might have the right hormones but while it fights changes would have been slower.

I have gained a SHIT load of weight due to the hormones so I have been advised to get off my arse and increase my output. So starting Saturday the kids and are are going to go do something to work off this weight in the wrong areas.

Well have a wonderful day..

BTW….I am not craving Chocolate……I hate Chocolate, but I want it like mad I want some. What the hell is going on…….lol


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