Month 21 is done.


Well lets have a bit of a chat about this past month. Well if you have been following the abnormal blog posts on my day to day you would have heard that I had a severe reaction to the patches. Well this month has been learning how the reaction played havoc with my system. I had to let the reaction part that was cause my problems learn my system. Detoxing can take upwards of two weeks even while learning to deal with the new meds at the same time. While I will say I was okay with the progress of the Patches but I think I should have said something a long time ago. My Testosterone levels have always been low to the acceptable level. But the Estrogen levels due to fighting the reaction were not reacting as best they could have.

So now that you have caught up on the past lets look this month while on the “Pill” yup I am on the “Pill” the reaction to it has been a bit of a shock to the system. I have an emotional outburst today that left me feeling in the aftermath of it very shocked. I have been having emotional outburst in tears due to issues that relationship issues that I now face. I have been coming to terms with being single again and not know who and how to date. In the past I would have just said “Oh well it will work itself out” but this time has been very different and the increased hormone activity has been really powerful. Causing a lot of tears and confusion.

Let me say this right off the bat I HATE CHOCOLATE. It has never been a thing for me, unless it is peanut butter cups the mini ones. But any other is just a snack that I can live without. But this month has been crazy. I don’t want it I have a deep need to have it. There is no base logic I can find in the NEED for Chocolate, but heaven help the person that says no to me about a small bite of it.

I hate TV, but if I see another commercial on YouTube of Facebook that makes me end up in tears I will find you and I will have some not so nice things to say to you face. Crying over these stupid things it pushing it a bit far.

Then my son placed his head on my chest during a hug and I almost fell apart with the pain. OMG it felt like someone placed my tit in a vice of it was way to much. I had to back away top stop from crying in pain.

SO yeah this past month was filled with a lot of learning.

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