Hidden Blessings

Case in point I am Transgender surprise and I am also a parent of 3 kids under 12 (I don’t worry so much about the adult ones). I am also blessed top have an attorney who was amazing and in my divorce we have 50/50 custody and better yet it is working.

This week my oldest of the three went on his first camping trip away from his family and I missed him so much. But just before change over with the other parent I was able to see him come back from camp. I got the biggest hug, Oh how I needed that. We talked over how it went and he had a wonderful time.

This week I came across another event and that was a conversation with some classmates of mine and it touched a lot on being Trans. Some questions we a bit revealing but if you ask I will answer you. During this conversation I expressed my sexual attraction is still towards women (even though there was a real funny moment, but that I will leave for another post). We talked about how I am just not so sure about men and it does not really have the same emotional pull that women do. But this one member of the class was singled out by me when I said “Gosh D you and a very good looking man but there is no spark there”  His kind and warm comment back made me feel so nice right down to my core. But that is something I want to keep close to my heart and it was so beautiful.

This week weird and wonderful events just kept happening all over the place. People using the right pronouns, just at the right time. New friends that keep asking to be added to my Facebook. New people reading my book and saying “Hey, thank you for writing your story”

What I am trying to say is sometimes blessings take sometime to get to you. But they do and sometimes you end up looking at all the blessings and saying holy shit is this really happening to me. I have a good friend that is been in my life for about a year, so thankful for her. Then I have this other friend who she also has been in my life and makes me feel like she should have been my sister (at least one who I can talk with).

So in the end Yeah life can be hard but the Hidden blessing are there.


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