Well I bet you did not know

Well, I know the blog has been suffering due to my current lifestyle choices, meaning I want one……Ha ha ha.

But really I have been going to school and it has been a bit in Depth at the same time I am beating my head up against a wall with one of my books. It is not writer block it is people block. Part of the issues I am learning about being a writer is that when writing about people sometimes they can shut off the excitement and then you have to wait until they are ready to proceed.

I am still working on the cookbook and a few design changes to the way it looks. SO it has hit a small slump. But on exciting news I have been asked to write another book about being Trans. This invite came from a publisher so I got very excited and then chose self publishing as I like the control over my writings. I came up with two ideas for new books and since it is my areas of knowledge I think I should be able to get it going rather fast.

The first one is going to be Humor based dealing with Trans issues. Then I am going to write a another book called “Leaves”. I am not going to tell you to much about that book as I am really excited about that idea. Keep your eyes open as I am also not writing these on the site I am writing them in word at home or where ever I might get some time.


So while you think I have forgotten you my wonderful readers you have never been far from my mind. Please take good care of yourselves!

Love always,


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