Transition Timeline Update

Month 23

Well let get this month done, I wish it was that simple. This is my second month on the pills for my Estrogen part of my HRT. There has been a few issues that have been creeping up here and there. Mind you most of them are physical and most of thge are emotional. I have been learning to deal the heavier emotional responses to issues.

Emotional Developement

Wow, what a month crying a lot about silly things and stupid people.

Hair issues

Due to my age I had back hair when i was 30 as well as arm hair that made me look a fuzzy wuzzy. While I was on the patch that hair started to thin but not go away. But since I have been on the pills for two months now this has really taken a fast track to clearing up the amount and the little I have left now is very light in colow and not as corse.

Skin issues

I have stopped itching all the way now and where the patch was has healed with no scaring to the area. I have started to see a bit of clearing up of the dry skin on my ankles. The wounds from scratching so much is all gone as well.but over all it is still very dry.

Breast Devlopement

Well I have seated into a B cups just fine now and still a bit sit and nipple has begun to change as well. The early puberty style of breast swelling has made way for the fill out stage of growth.

Weight issues

Well I am not to happy with the amount of weight I have gained but some is the hormones and others has been my lazy ass not getting out and doing stuff. But I have been also wqritting my next book and school and kids and and and excuses…..suck.

Hips Developement

Well with some of the weight the hips have taken some of it. That has helped the hips to look better.

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