I got called a sinner

Here is my reply…
It is very simple become educated in the bible. There are 667 sins in the bible yet most of those forgetting that when they point the finger at you three are pointed back at them. Christ never talked about anything that showed HATE. Even when faced with Satan (who is his brother) he never got mad. The only time he did get “Mad” is at the money changers at the temple. The bible has be translated so many times by so many different people all of them with their own adjendas. Verses left out because they did not fit the narrative that their sponsor wanted to portray. Mathew is missing verses that are commandments in most bibles (in fact I think it is in all of them)…..Thess verses are so very important you wonder why it was dropped… Meanings were changed as in the Joseph Smith Translation, The New American Bible, The King James Bible and so many others.
Then lets ask why it was written some 55-90 years after the death of Christ and some of these men to whom the books are assigned to could not read or write.
Point being when you are judged by another it gives you the right to judge back. The only choice you have is, will you… Knowing that it becomes an endless cycle of finger pointing where each person is forgetting about 666 sins. Funny number eh? The devil lies in the detail.
Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that the bible is not true or that there is no God. All I am saying is that if you are going to quote the bible know what you are quoting. If you are going to call a person a sinner know that you are also a sinner and that you might be breaking a three to one odds in sin.
Don’t Bible bash, Book of Mormon bash….Me! I am educated. Are you? I am not perfect nor will I ever be, but I lift others instead of trying to tear them down. Can you say the same?
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  1. I suggest watching videos by Dr. Mark Yarhouse, who is a therapist/psychologist and trans ally. He explains what it is to be transgender to church leadership in a very informative way: http://qideas.org/questions/how-can-we-thoughtfully-engage-the-transgender-conversation/


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