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In the last few days I have been asked over and over about this person on Facebook. Let me start of by saying the following EVERYONE should be allowed to use the freedom of speech. This includes those who choose to spew forth hate. For in that same right we are given the right to empress upon others the virtues of love and kindness. By their actions they shall be known. If you think this person is a good person would you hire them? Would you work with them? Would you allow them near your child?
Next I would like to point out is something an old friend once told me in Gardening. There is no need to fancy sprays or dust to kill weeds. All you have to do is remove the light from them. This woman while she has the right to speak her mind. We do not need to fan the flames of her hate what we need to do is remove the light that she now enjoys. What I mean is so very simple. Don’t reply to her, don’t give her fuel, don’t complain, and don’t share her hate. Remove the spotlight from her actions. In time she will slow and then start to be forgotten and then last she will fade away.
The more and more we fan the flames of hate the more wel add fuel to the 40%. We must take the time and work to reduce the 40%. How do we do this we start by Caring, Loving, and Doing. For in doing we act upon “Say what you mean, Mean what you say”. Wow ever so simple to apply more love. I have to say it but it is so very simple Love wins over Hate every time. Look at 10 people and four of them are in the 40%. That is a large amount of people if you think about it.

What is 40%?

Well I am part of the 40%, you might be as well.  40% of all LGBT+ children have attempted suicide. Did you think of this that an additional percentage have succeeded but it is unknown how many. What can be done well it is hard for a person to say you could have saved me when they are dead. So let’s start right off the top Religion needs to stop its Passive Aggressive Nature towards the LGBT+ communities. This institution has created more hate among the general populace. In the name of their God they claim they are doing his work. Yet what most Christians forget 99% of the commandments that they choose not to obey before casting the first stone.
Next what we need to do is VOTE. The more you learn to force good people in roles of leadership the more we remove the light from the weeds of Hatred.
Vote with your feet if there is a group of is doing things that are not filled with love in their actions STOP giving them light. Even the smallest weed is still a weed. This means that if your church is spewing forth hate about anyone leave it. There are others that do not. Yes it is hard to leave what you might view as the right religion, but is it? IF you doubt then you need to listen to what the spirit is saying. Love is above all else what a good person lives everyday. Passive Aggressiveness is not love it is Abuse is the most underhanded way known. Emotional abuse never leaves you it resides in the deepest parts your memories.


Is there blood on your hands from doing nothing?

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