Month 23

Wow, well I would say thing have slowed down a bit but I am not really sure. I have see a large growth in the hips and breast areas. I am not sure I have lost about 30% of my Strength. My skin is still healing from the patches and the reaction. I have seen a Huge reduction in my use of Allergy medication. Which is a big bonus, I can start to regain my clear headed views.

This past month was two years since the children and I left our home and the lifer we had. It was a shit a start to the month everything was hyper emotional and as we got closer and closer to the 10th I was feeling like I was losing everything all over again. The emotions were so strong and I was not able to really focus on what I needed to. The issue of my body having to learn about the new pills without being allergic to the delivery method. I am sure that played a big part in the structure of the burst of emotions.

My hair is looking really nice and I am loving it still learning but new styles and issues of sleeping with long hair.

Weight is still a big problem. Though i am looking at the problem as I am being just lazy and the hormones as I have not really added things to my diet. I bet once some other issues like the spring I will get a bike and start going for bike rides with the kids and that might help out.

Month 24 is coming!!!!

It is hard to think that in two years looking back so many changes and a lot of them have been very wonderful. I think that post is going to be one very big one.

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