Want change? Act !

Well I was tell everyone a while back that I was ready to start to lose weight. Sometimes I wish my Nephew Frank was around I bet her would have me into shape in no time. But since he isn’t a good friend stepped in and changed the desire to changer to an action. I have been going to the Pool/Gym for 5 days now and I am starting to feel better. Today is my fifth day and compared to my first I swam 250m compared to about 50m.

What does this mean overall well lets take a hard look at it. I am going to lose weight and a side benefit I am going to start to feel better about myself at the same time. In case you did not know a lot of fat is not wise when going to Gender surgery. Then I have 3 amazing little kids who need me more everyday and I need to be here for them. Healthy is the way to go. Then the next thing is no more fat clothes. Lets be honest those suck unless you have a bucket load of cash.

My next goal is 300m my end goal is 1000m in one hour. I will reach that and hold there until I feel the need to push harder. I am swimming in a 25m pool and I am not a very fast swimmer right now but with the lose of weight comes a speed and muscle memory. I warned my friend once I get hooked into something I go for it and I go hard. So we both are going to reach our goals.

I am so thankful for her help that first day. You see as a Transwoman I was scared of being judged. But once again Tasmania is showing me the beauty it has. Yeah I get a few people who Cisgaze (I wrote about this a long time ago) but you know the more I am out the better younger Transwomen will have it. So instead of sitting have home wishing my friend help me Act. Give it a go.

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