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Hello all,

I have read some many of the very same comments over the very same subject so many times it becomes sickening. One side saying it is a sin or wrong or a mental illness or fuzzy logic or bad science or whatever to justify hatred. Don’t get me wrong I understand hatred, I HATE beetroot. But lets get real. The proof is in the Pudding. if you have never heard of that before let me break it down for you.
First the all kind and loving GOD is part of current day Mythology. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that he does or does not exist. What I am saying is that you that you believe in something that cannot be seen. We have no real proof that God (and/or Jesus) ever lived. Now don’t get me wrong this does not let off several other Religions they have the same problem. Belief in a God is fine in fact it can be great if you follow the laws set forth by him and avoid Hypocrisy. That being that out of one side of your mouth you say one thing but out of the other side you say another. Hypocrisy is part of being a real good liar. You avoid saying what you mean and meaning what you say.
Now for the science part and that includes Fuzzy logic and Mental illness. If you have a problem with the science part then we have a few big issues here. This being that you must think the world is Flat, that E=mc2 is not real, that Gravity sucks and is not real, you’re an Anti-vaxer (btw, got Polio – No, thank you parents and science and get your kid vaxed), and all those who survive Cancer. You see in the end Science is a wonderful tool that explains life and fixes the wrongs of Humanities existence.
As for Mental illness, science plays a big part in this, you have to accept science – if you believe in this. But that does not mean it is end of this section, far from it. Mental health has been changing everyday and has been uncovering solutions to some of the greatest mysteries that all humanity face. Once we did not understand “shell shock” or those who were overly scared in battle causing them to flee. But now we understand PTSD and the overall impact it has on the human condition. We once branded those who were left handed as part of Satan’s plan or Demonic then it was thought to be a Mental issue. We treated them with such vileness it was just plain wrong. But now thanks to Science we understand why those who are left handed are as normal right handed people. So many advancements have taken place with time and understanding. One year we see that those who are called Dyslexic are stupid or poorly behaved and the list goes on and on. But now we are thinking in the professional community that it is merely part of the wiring of the brain. Also showing that while in one area they are weak but in another area they have a greater than normal of comprehension or other talents.
All and All of this can be explained away as simple as Zeus was part of a pantheon of Gods in Mythology. So might be several of today’s belief structures in an all powerful god. A lot of them laying down so many rules it is a sin to ever breathe or to comprehend what is right or wrong on a given day. So to call it a sin when it is not even talked about in some texts, is really stretching it. As for science it keeps evolving day after day, hour by hour, and minute by minute. It is happening so fast it can make heads spin. Think you are reading this on a computer…
Those who are Transgender are no more committing a sin or mentally ill than those who take prescription drugs this includes Viagra (thanks science). BTW in case you cannot follow that it was once believed that the medical profession what part of satanic practice (though sometimes when you see the bill you might think that as well). The issue that we really are facing is the issue of Acceptance. We are after all “proven” creatures of habit, it takes a bucket load will and science break bad habits or addictions. So saying that Transgender is this or that without trying to understand is just ignoring that fact that lies at the core of it, it is just different. SO simple but yet very easy to look at it this way “Different”. You can’t get it up so you take a little pill to help or you can’t get out of bed so you take little pill. Do you see how very simple it is “I have never felt right in my body – so I take a little pill here and there and now that pill is changing my body and aligning my mind with the changes that I can function”
I know it is so very hard to understand this, hell even I am not really sure why I am like I am. But I do know this I am a parent of 7 wonderful children. Who still call me dad, send my Happy fathers day gifts and well wishes. I don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do. I am their dad, I just look different, I act different, and I am different. But none of that matters more than at the core of it they are loved and cared for by me. I still clean up vomit when they are ill, I still tuck them into bed every night I don’t care about how old they are, I still check on them before I go to bed and the most important of all I still love them with all that I am. I am a damn good parent.
I also don’t have a dead name, but please don’t think you have the right to call me by it. I am not going to answer. I have a few close friends who can get away with Al. The reason for that is I love them so very much that to me they are still allowed to do it. But don’t think you have the right to do it as well. I am not some simple little snowflake that will melt when approached with hate and vileness. I will give you your two minutes and then it will be my turn to Educate you that I am more of an Iron Butterfly with pretty paint. I have earned my battle stripes. I love each and every scar. As for Pronouns use a bit of respect and I will return it ten fold.

P.S. Btw no one stole the fucking rainbow….oh I am so sick of hearing that. God gave them a sign in the sky, a clear sky….. Science, Rainbows are made with moisture….. Evidence, if you call it a rainbow without name the sign first it make no sense and kinda leads to the fact that it happened a few times before and you just chose to use that as the sign. Kind of like Gravity, did not always have a name but fuck it was still there…….Mic Drop! SO stop using it as an excuse for hatred.

~have a nice day my rant is over

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