Transition Timeline update

******Well this was in my drafts folder instead of being published. Weird I hope I have not just published this one twice, lol.********

Month 26

The only few things that have been changing is my boobs are still growing, losing weight and hair growth. Not to much more fun. I am in the  next few days going to add a new photo.

I was looking at a bit of my history when I came out of the shadows. I can see so much pain that is there at the time. My heart still aches for what others did and how they still believe they did the right thing.

I told one of my sisters this past month that I forgave her but I could not forget what she did. I told her “Goodbye” and requested that she not contact me again. I don’t think I could start to have my heart broken again by her. I am very shocked at how many people lose family due to trans issues. I started to look at my relationship with my family as a whole and the abuse of the past.
The way it still continues to this day just by the hands of my sisters not my mother. I am very glad that I left them behind even though my heart is sad at the loss of them. My Birthday was only nice due to 4 people (my Nephew and my children) Then it was soothed by a wonderful group of very close friends. Who for several days wished me all the best. I dad forgot about me….again. Sometimes I wonder if I am a Ghost to him……

I am on a two week break from the pool as they are cleaning it and fixing a few things. I miss swimming everyday. But my last swim was 1.750km in 1.5 hrs….. so I am hoping I don’t lose to much time in two weeks I want 2 km.

Like I said not much has gone on….

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