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Month 27

Well it seems like life is teaching me a few new lessons. With HRT come changes that Transwomen are not told about. So has been the case this month. Let me break it down just a little for you.


It is so hard to find a real good one. One that does not judge and listens to your needs and wants. You may go through a few and it is best to ask around for advice on which ones are safe to work with. I did a lot of looking before this past week settling down and finding one that worked well and listened. I hope this will be a long term relationship because I hate retelling my story over and over again.

Below the belt…. oops Waste line

I started having a new problem this past month and that was my “Parts” below have reduced in size to a point that it is a bit hard to use the restroom even while sitting down accidents happen…. For this issue you might want to make sure what little you might have is pointed downward. Shrinkage WILL happen and there is nothing you can do about it.

Weight loss…

I keep trying to throw it away but it seems to want to return a lot. I now am starting to understand Hormones and weight gain a bit better. Some women find it hard to gain while others find it hard to lose. I am at the stage where physical effort is not working as fast as it once did. So enter the doctor for help… Will update later…..

On a side note, Healing

Well there will come a time and a point where a broken heart heals. Mine did this somewhere and I am not really sure. When my ex picked up the kids I did not even give a second look. In fact something odd happened I looked at this person and wondered, Why? Why did I enter a relationship with you.. It was so very odd and strange feeling. There was no malice or ill feelings in fact it was very devoid of them.


Well I know that I am a writer and I need to work on my book. But writers hit speed bumps called writers block. It sucks and you end up beating yourself to a pulp wondering why you can’t get over it. So I started to pull back a little on the writing side and see if I could get a part time job. I have applied for so many jobs and I have been knocked back so many times it is not even funny. This last one I got knocked back for really took me off my feet a bit. I was MORE than qualified for it, I had plenty of experience and yet they still said no thank you. It hurt to be honest, in so much as I went and had a conversation with my good friend Vik. She told me that this is something that needed to be expected. I have a few things going against me, Age, Woman, Trans with kids. It is just a large thing for companies to deal with.
Look I know all about the law and hiring people sure it says you can’t base you hiring off those issues. But believe me they do!…. I am still looking fort a job and I hope to work on the book soon ideas are starting to flow a bit more.

Hey Thanks for reading have a good one…. ❤

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I hope the right job ends up in your lap Aleana.


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