Time Changes All Things

Time changes all things and thus if we are unable or unwilling to change with them we are left to the sands of history. Such is the case with this blog. The concept of my blog has evolved over time in attempts to grab a market who might be interested in what life is like to be a Transwoman. Over the last three years I have met some amazing people and experienced some wonderful events. I have played my part on many different stages of life and these three years have been no exception.

Before I get into the up and coming changes I would like to address something that I have noticed in the Transcommunity and it brings with it a great deal of concern. That being that as the Transcommunity becomes more and more visual we are being met with a set of unrealistic expectations. Those being but not limited to the issue of Pass-ability, Employment, Sexual Objective-cation, and Sexual Attraction.
The issues that surround  Pass-ability are nothing new. But the trend that is now starting to form is that if a Transwoman does not fully conform to the looks of Janet Mock, Lavern Cox and many others who are blessed to be able to look as stunning as they are. Then we are less valued this is extremely disturbing to say the least. We are worried about the unrealistic expectations place on young women and girls. But we seem to accept that these very same issues are being placed upon Transwomen. All I am asking is for the reader to take care of themselves and don’t shoot for the moon all the time. The fact is you might not make it and where you land might be a very difficult position to maintain.
Employment, I started my journey thinking that everything was going to just fall into place. I being educated would be able to find employment with ease. This has not been the case at all. In the last 200 jobs that I have applied for I have been interviewed about 10 times. All of those ending with a thank you but no thank you. To which I can only say it is the Elephant in the room was me and being Transgender. These were realistic jobs that I was more than qualified for and that Gender was not an issue. Though I must say the one job that stated “we really were looking for someone a bit more Masculine” took me back a bit… Though at the same time I felt great about how I looked, lol. So what can I say to bring all of us to reality. Simple this is life, you are going to have to get used to the fact that while the world is changing for the better there are still some people who cannot see past their own noses. So what can be done, build your own employment opportunity, if you can’t find it make it.
Sexual Objective-cation & Attraction, wow I thinking now I should have placed this right behind Pass-ability. The three walk hand in hand as we try to pass as what ever gender we feel closer to we are expected to be attracted to the opposite.  When in fact this is not very accurate. We find out that those who are attracted to men have to have the overall pass-ability with a factor of 10. When in truth just like every other woman we vary on a scale of 1-10. We need to keep in mind that just because we might not make the 10, it does not mean we are not a 10 to someone else. Then there are those who are attracted to the same gender. This too can be a bit of a struggle as well. Due to the fact that being a lesbian but Trans at the same time is also an acquired taste. Requiring a person to look past the bits and bobs that are part of our body. The truth is that you might end up being single for the rest of your life. Get used to it, I am very sorry to point that fact out. But just like me I hope you are able to find someone special.

Now onto the future of this Blog.

For many months I have giving you a timeline with the ups and downs of my Transition. After so many months I have hit a developmental plateau. Where I am no longer seeing big changes to my body and that without surgery things are going to stay this way. When am I looking at surgery, in the future. We will leave it at that, it is kind of personal….So after thinking long and hard about my future as I am not finding employment. I need to become the change I want to see. I want the ability to have a life beyond what I see in the mirror every morning. So what I am going to do is really focus my efforts in writing. The blog is going to change it has to. But I am still going to keep all that I have done with it to this point. Why? well simple I am Trans there is nothing I want to change about that. But I want people to see what I have gone through, what I am going through and what I am going to do in the future about it.

So lets break it down. I am a Transwoman who is an Author. The blog will reflect this. I will give you updates on how things are going. I will also let you know when new books come out and when you can find me at speaking events. Or even how to have me come and speak at an event you might be having. I have gone through a lot and I have a good bit of wisdom getting to this point. I am going to remain part of the Launceston Human Library as I have really enjoyed my role in this wonderful organisation.

So now lets look at what the future holds…..

In 2016 I released my first published book, The Shadow of Ally. In this time I have grown to love writing. I have felt the sting of writers block, the crush of losing a valued source and the overwhelming joy of publishing. I had hoped that this year would also be a year in which I could release my second published work called “Leaves”. Due to events beyond what I was prepared for this has since been pushed back to 2018. I have also been lucky enough to get a wonderful jump into several other books as well. One called Cooking to connect, with this book I am hoping to bring to you the joys that my family has had over the years of cooking simple meals for wonderful company and family. These recipes bring together what we should never take for granted and that is Family and Friends. My next book that is underway is my first attempt into a fully fictional writing and it will be called “The Choice”. I am keeping this one very quite. Last but not least by any means is a book called “What they did not tell me about……” this book is still in concept phase. But those who know me know my crazy sense of humor. This book will be a tongue and cheek look at……I am not going to give you the full title yet.

Well closing this post all out the new year will see a change in posting as well. I will be scheduling in regular posts. Once again 2017 has been rough year. I would like to thank all my readers and friends that I have so come to know and love. I would love to give everyone a little Christmas gift. I have dropped the Price on the Kindle version of The Shadow of Ally to $2.99. This is for a limited time to say thank you to everyone. In the coming days this blog will change. But change can be a good thing!

Take care of yourselves and be kind to others. After all it is by our deeds we shall be known and you will reap what you sow.

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