Missing links

Well in the redesign of the page I have removed a few links to pages. But I have placed them in links page as to not remove the whole page. The new design is going to mainly focus on my life as a writer who happens to be Transgender. But not as the Transgender Writer. The reason I did this was to make a very valid point that seems to be lost on so many people. First I am a Human who has a set of skills but with the added bonus I am also Transgender. I have been finding it very hard to find work because of the elephant in the room. It seems that when people look at me they see a Transperson not a skillful person first. So in changing the mind set I have also started to change my website / blog to reflect this. I want you my readers to see that while I am trying to place information I find. I also want you to see where I might not be finding work, I am working and not giving up. Following a bit of advice “If you can’t find it, Make it”.


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