Time for an update

Well, I was sitting here working on about three book at the same time this past week. When it dawned on me that I might want to tell people how things are going. So i’ll do a book by book breakdown….lol


Oh I love this book currently it is going through a semi small edit to check for errors as well as flow. I am starting to add in the photos and a few things to make the right reader think a bot more on a unique level. You will have to see when the book is out but there is a hidden message in the pages. One that unless you really pay close attention to you might miss. I am very excited about that. Current word count just reached 50,000. It is going up and down faster than a roller coaster.

The Choice:

Well this being my first real dive in to full fiction it is a bit strange with all the angels I am trying to create. I did not think it would get as deep as it would. I am hoping that I am on the mark with it. Current word count just hit 12,000. Some days I just don’t know what to write in it and others like today I am 2,000 words so far.

Cooking to Connect:

Right now this book is on the slow burner as I have lost a bit of spark in it due to a few other projects. But I am very sure that it will start to pickup once one of the others is done.

Things the doctors never told me:

Working title, but saying that I still love the idea. I am working out the context in my mind before I start to put it to effort. I like where it is going and the idea behind it all. Needless to say this is a book about transition. With my crazy sense of humor it might be a good read.

Well those are the ones I feel okay to talk about. I am so surprised that I am working on so many others as well. But not really ready to talk about them all. I heard a quote this past week that changed my ideas on some of the books I have been working on and I think i will share it with you. The worst book on paper is better than the best book in your mind. In a weird way it helped out with the idea that maybe people won’t like my Fiction, but you never know there might be someone out there who loves it. So I am not going to give up, there is more books in me than you could ever imagine.

Well I need to get back top writing. Thank you for taking the time.

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  1. I like the quote. Most people don’t realize how satisfying it is to see your words on paper even if it was only yourself printing it. To have tangible words in your hand to monitor yourself. I also work on more than one thing at a time with various articles and posts in addition to a book. But one doesn’t work without the other so I just pace myself


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