About three years ago I was thrust from a very large home into a small home with three children. In doing so I needed to rethink what was important. What could I live without, what could I give away. In most of today’s world we tend to think that the person who dies with the most toys wins.
I set out to try to prove to myself that I really did not need all that junk. My mother was a horder and my ex was a horder with style. When we left it was time to take charge of our life in out smaller home. We started doing toy culls, if you have not played with it for 12 months it’s time to go. So I also started to look at clothing the same way. Well that does not work with me because I have a big problem. My weight goes up and down all the time and I am not talking about a small movement I am talking about 20-30kg. So what I needed to do is to find a solution to no be a horder but at the same not waste money when my weight moves again. So I started to sort the clothes by sizes and store them away for when I need them. Style police be damned….

Then I went into the dishes. My ex was shocking to many different styles. Plates for guests and holidays, normal plates, and grab and go plates. Do my head in, if you can’t handle enjoying a meal I cooked by eating it off normal plates you my friend in the wrong house. I only have one set of plates, glasses, and flatware. Goodbye to the clutter.

Next Towels, there is a towel for everyone, a washcloth and a hand towel as well. I also looked at the issues of towels for swimming okay we have a couple of beach towels as well.

Then we needed to look at sheets. Oh….. the mountains of sheets that my ex had. Ones for winter and ones for summers, Ones in this style and ones in that style, and last but not least colours and patterns. At some point what you need to see that all that is needed to 2 per bed. Simple not to hard to understand make the colours something you can live with for a long time. When you wash one put the other one on.

Shoes, I am a failure at that but i try to keep it simple…..Try

Thats really it to a simple fact….. cut what you can do without. After all do you really need tons of different table cloths. I think not….

BTW good luck give it a try.

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