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Well bugga!

Last week really was a bad one. Sorry to say but all books have been put on hold so I can sort out some real life issues. One Book Leaves might be getting a whole rewrite. Not happy about that. But such is the case when you come to feel a book about your father is deeply flawed. Every now and then I take time to do what is called checking ones six. What this is, is to look behind you. When I took the time to check my six. I found that the people who should be behind me were gone and they were replaced by great friends. The book called leaves was designed to celebrate my fathers life and show other what can be accomplished with Honor and Courage walk hand in hand.
I grew up thinking that there were two great men in my life that showed some of the best traits a person can have. I am sad to sad by all that has been seen last week, I am mistaken. I placed someone on a pedestal who has fallen and I don’t think he will ever be able to return to it let alone stand. Now I am not saying that there is not a book here. Because there is an amazing story to be told. But a story that is far more tragic than hopeful.
There is a deep sadness in this …….

The next book called The Choice is on hold for a completely different reason. I created a main character named after someone who is dear to my heart. I chose to place a problem that is at the core of this book around the choice that this character needed to make. But over the course of several months I have found that in real life this person has done something that even he does not realize the full impact of his actions. One of the impacts is that I have a personal rule “Never accept someone saying something about you if it is wrong”. I live and teach my children that and a few others like “Say what you mean and mean what you say”.  When you chose to forgo these basic principles you chose to ignore right and wrong as a result. This person who was who character was patterned after. Made a choice and that choice was to walk down a dark path. Causing him to come into conflict with my own personal set of morals. These very same morals help me everyday. They even help me raise three wonderful children as well as one wonderful adult.
I cannot ask readers to look at this character and think wow that is a good person when they are clearly not. I am deeply saddened by this persons choices.

I am still writing but trying to figure out solutions to both of these problems….. Stay tuned

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