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This Sunday I was in our local paper. Link

While responding to a question someone asked I gave a few stats and while I was in the shower. It dawned on me my numbers were possibly wrong. We know that right now the current world population sits somewhere between .03-.05% of those who are Transgender and that number is growing.

But I left something out and it shocked me when I noticed it. Currently due to the attacks by the US government towards the Transcommunity there has been a huge increase of suicides. That number has risen to 41% and is expected to continue. This is due to the attacks that are created by the Religious Right but supported by the Government as well. So with that set of numbers we should look at the possibility that the true amount of World population might be closer to 1% if the suicides were to cease.

But what we are also seeing here is a number that is missing and that is being 1 Transperson a week is being killed in the US. There is an untold number being killed in a other countries as well. What we could be seeing is a government  (the US) allowing wholesale discrimination and a group in society that is possibly being reduced if not eliminated.

Just something to think about….

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