Choices that we make

This year number 48 is over. I have seen some amazing things that a lot of people will never be able to. I have stood on the tops of mountains and seen the glory of mother earth. I have seen the beauty of humanity in the eyes of a child who has lost everything. I have fed the homeless, given shelter to the broken hearts, I have saved a life more than once, I have given hope when it was needed and I have loved.

Where did you go last year of your life? What did you do? What mark did you leave on this world? Did you help someone?

Well now my 49th year on mother earth is here and it has been a ride and a half to start. My best friends in the whole world gave me the best present I could have ever been given. That present cost them nothing but rewarded me plenty. They gave their time. I call these friends the Five. But their weight in gold is much more than money will every buy. When I have been at my lowest the five have been there. When I thought all was lost the 5 lifted me up. I know Karma is a thing we say sometimes to comfort ourselves when we think there needs to be justice. But I say this about Karma she does not act like that. She only repays what you put in. I can’t wait for every day to be a blessing. My cars tyre was slashed. But I walked to see my children get on the bus to go visit the other home. Then I walked back. That was a very hard walk 13k’s with bad knees. But I saw some beauty as I smiled at others who passed. Then they smiled as well. I saw birds, wallabies, and mother nature reclaiming what belonged to her in the first place.  It was a lovely walk. What a great way to start the year.


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  1. glad you can see it and have gratitude. Nanna Jackie!


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