There is an old saying…

There is an old saying “If you don’t plan you plan to fail”. As many people might know I support Jiu-Jitsu. There was a huge reason I started to love this sport. The first being that one of my GREATEST friends on the whole world asked me to allow him to help my daughter who at the time was 9. She was going through a hard time years later after a sexual assault. I am a person who does not really support violence in any form. It sickens my heart to be a part of it. Reluctantly I thought I have tried everything else to help my child regain her mental strength.

Now lets forward 2 years. My youngest Daughter & her 2 Brothers have become really good at a sport I did not think they would even enjoy. As a parent I have also seen a huge change in the ways my children have grown. What used to cause my daughter to cower no longer does. She has regained some of her inner power. This was all because of one Dojo and a wonderful man who pestered me to let him try to help. Don’t get me wrong my little girl is still a girl to the core and will always be. This year she took the next step in her training and chose to go to an all girl Dojo.
The reasons for this was women train differently then men do. They understand the feeling of a different Threat. A threat that most men will never know or experience. One that even I never really understood until my transition. That fear of someone walking behind them. I started to think as I watched these wonderful young ladies learning to defend themselves. This was the best choice I have made in a  long time. I looked at my daughter growing and knowing herself once more. I have listened to the stories of other women who have fought hard to regain their own mental power and bodies back. Some of them have been horrific to say the least.

So now to the point, take the time and learn defense. Learn learn learn not to become a victim. Learn not to stay a victim. Learn to fight back to a level where you walk away with your dignity. Teach you children the same. We are not building warriors we are building strong and powerful humans who know great sportsmanship who develop friendships. Who learn to understand that there is an important part of life and that is being a good winner as well as being a good loser. Jiu-Jitsu is not just a art form of defense. It becomes a lifestyle that invades every part of your life. There are clubs open for one and all there are clubs like the one my Daughter is involved in that are Women only (transwomen are welcome). They are out there! get involved i’m going to be starting next week…..

Here are some photos of what I am talking about.


The above is a women’s only for Little Ladies in Launceston Tasmania.

Kaos Dojo above is in Launceston Tasmania where my children got there start. (RESPECT!)

The above is all women BJJ club in Launceston Tasmania. Which can be found on Face book at the following LINK

In the end this is not only about having a sport and a go. It is about saving lives. Get involved it does not matter if you belong to an LGBT+ community. There is no cost that is wasted on personal safety. Roses come with thorns so you respect their beauty.

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