You know you meet good salt when they are willing to give you a go with no pressure. Rona Fry thank you for tonight. It was such a pleasure. I learned a lot and a new respect for the amazing women of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). The mentality behind the women’s side of the sport is an eye opener. From the stand point that if a person (normally a man) got you down on your back what would you do. I started to think about this with my daughter and how to give her the best chance to protect herself.

Tonight I was invited to give BJJ a chance. Now I am going to say something that some people might disagree with and I have three words for you (I Don’t Care). Since starting my hormone treatment 3 years ago I have lost 30% of my muscle mass. Wow that was an eye opener. But tonight I was so concerned that I am still very strong and that I can be an imposing figure. In an all women’s class of BJJ I did feel a bit out of place while still feeling a bit safer than in a normal club.
I did offer the instructor a second chance to resend her offer to me and I would not be offended as I know my own strength (sort of). I needed to make sure that I kept it in check as I disdain hurting another living soul. But I can see knowing these skills is a good idea as to help me protect myself as not everyone likes me or my issues of being Transgender (like I have a choice).
But this wonderful woman would not let me back out of it (rats). Next thing I knew that I was on the mat enjoying the reminder that my body is beat and old. But I loved every second of it even as I cramped up from not using those muscles in a very long time. I am still very concerned that I am Trans and that my muscles are more fibrous and thus the remaining 70% is still a lot to be reconsidered. But this wonderful person proved to me that what I thought was to be a concern was nothing as she took my left shoulder and with my permission put me into a Triangle hold that did wind me a small amount.

Knowing my years of work with another art form we had a good conversation about a few moves and different ways to escape what I once thought was damn near impossible to get out of. Wow was it fun! SO yeah I am going back even though I am a bit sore. But it feels good to be alive. I would also suggest that others Women and Transwomen take the time and get on the Mat.

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