Thanks to the new Australian PM


Dear readers this week in Australia our new PM did something that should outrage anyone with a drop of kindness in their hearts. In fact it has taken me a bit to respond as finding the right words is so very hard. But before I shat what the PM said I am going to share something I want you to read. I want you to understand why I do what I do. When you are ready hit the fact button (warning this is going to shock you). BTW it opens a new tab or window, comeback when you are done reading.



So now I better share what our new PM (who has been in less than a couple of weeks) has said.

pm said what

BTW if you don’t like what I have say Fuck the Right Off… I am blunt as a stick so deal with it on this post.

Mr. PM look at the numbers before before attacking children. You fucking over privileged low life scum. We are trying to save lives and help children avoid the trauma that so many of us have lived. So until walk one step in our shoes shut up. I get the idea of appealing to the lowest disenchanted voter, we are not stupid. But due to direct actions leaders like Bump-a-Trump we  seen an increase of the Suicide rate of youth in my community. Under Obama we saw a reduction in the numbers as my community in the US started to see hope. But that is gone now replaced by increased youth Suicides and adult Murders. Now Mr. PM sir you have taken a page out of that Monsters handbook and gone on an attack of the youth who are Transgender or feeling “Different”.

I don’t think you really know or understand the full impact of your words or your attack. While I agree parents need to be making the call on issues like this. In a 24 hour day we trust teachers to lead our children to a better future, respect them! Next those same teachers are the best protection for our children. As a parent who was told by the school “Your daughter is thinking of Suicide” they saved my daughters life. Just think if my child’s schools hands were tied and they were not allowed to talk about that. Yeah you are starting to see what it is like being Transgender or Different. There is nothing like being at a school where people hate you just because. Then to go home to be hated.
I am a survivor of Abuse that most would never or have survived. It lead me to the door of Suicide attempts because there was no one to help me. Mr. PM this is what I am talking about in your comments. So yeah I am fucking angry, in fact I am down right dirty on anything you say or do from this point onward. In fact I don’t see a way for you to get out of this hole with me.

One last thing from me sir…

while I support your right to you beliefs 100%. It is so very difficult for a dead child Strait or LGBT+ to do anything. Your attack could cost lives just for a few voters. Wash you hands clean of that stain. I doubt the blood will come off so easy.

We are trying to save lives, get on board or get out!


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