Gender Dysphoria (GD)

Well most people don’t understand this and many think that it is something that proves that Transgender community have a mental illness. To a point that is correct when learning about GD. When I was young at about 12 I started to have problems with GD. There are a lot of the Transgender community who also at this age started to have issues with it as well. GD can be very scary and life threatening if ignored. Treatment for GD varies in many ways. Some such as myself would have benefited from regular counseling as well as Hormone blockers.
Hormone blockers are not as scary as many might think. What they do is very simple they find the body’s pause button. Then press it until such time that the solution can be put in place. Those solutions can be proceeding with HRT or SRS (gender reassignment surgery).

Though this is not always a cure all. Such as the case with myself while when I was young I was not able to look in the mirror as it was very emotionally painful to do so. Thanks to HRT I can now look in the mirror without issues. But at the same time I still have a body image issue that I am not 100% okay with. No, it does not have anything to do with SRS. What it has to do with is that fact that I don’t like what I see in the mirror about my weight. So I know what your thinking “Yeah so many women and men have that”. When you have GD it is a bit more extreme. For me I stopped once again looking in the mirror as I could not deal with what was looking back at me. So I made the choice to do more and eat less. I was at a Jiu-jitsu class and they took a photo afterwards. Yup I looked at it and boom back to being that 12 year old kid.

So what is my solution? Well This week I started a diet my first diet ever that is structured. I am going to be doing a zero sugar and low carb (Keto) diet. Since black coffee is RIGHT out (ew), I will be drinking lots of Herbal Tea. Then a bunch of water while increasing the output of energy. Sunday I worked very hard at try to get the spring mowing done. I was hoping that today I was going to be able to get the front yard done, it rained.

Will this work? Eek, I am not sure. But I need to feel better about my physical body. My emotional health is great right now. In fact it is the best it has been ever. That says a lot if I can lose this weight I can’t see it hurting my emotional health. In fact it will make me a candidate for SRS. You see you have to be a healthy weight for that. So with Jiu-Jitsu and the diet I am sure in about 3-6 months things will be on the right path. Then my GD that has been causing me a few new problems will be gone. If the GD is not we will address those issues when we get to it.

BTW this is Day one…….No Coke look out world…….lol

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  1. Good luck on changing your diet. I hope it goes well for you.


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