Good news

Well I am right on schedule to releasing book 2. But this time it is not as simple as telling a story. This time it is about creating an epic adventure that everyone can join in. I am going to be releasing a Role Playing game. A week ago I tested my Game with some wonderful people. We are currently in Pre-Publish version of the Game at 1.2 we expect to have the second test of the game 6th of November followed by the 2.0 version.

Well i really do need to get back to working on the project but I thought I would just give everyone an update. If you are in the US. GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND VOTE! The time to stop the Monsters that have been elected is at hand before it becomes to late to act.

I also want to say a heart felt sadness to the lives once again lost by the senseless violence at another shooting. The Jewish community are no different than a school full of children or any other place. Stop thinking that a gun is worth more than a life. Stop making excuses for not acting. The blood of those who have died because nothing was done is on your hands, America….

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