So much wasted time and energy

Oh the bane of writing with Word. But you make do with what you have. I was working on a couple of my books and one of them that I put in over 20,000 words and saved it to a jump drive and I did not copy that on to my hard drive and secure cloud. Then the power went out, I thought as I got up that’s okay I had autosave going and I have just told it to manual save as well. But something happened and when the power was back on the document was gone. I have looked and looked for it. GONE

Oh I was very upset as most of what I write is on the fly. But this time I was able to make notes that I was putting on Word. So I am just looking at maybe 5,000 lost words as well as 11 hours.

I also have been so busy working on a book that I have at the Copyright stage so I can talk about it.


This is a book that I and a few others have been pouring a bucket load of hours into. Last week I did over 100 hours and I had a battle with Word over using it to create one 2 page part of it. That took over 44 hours and 4 revisions. Blight is a work of love and role playing games. To which I have enjoyed for close to 30 years. Sounds crazy to be writing a game but why not I have an idea and a crap load of notes. It all started with another friend trying to build his and he ran out of steam. He offered all his notes and a materials, so I said yes! Now I am knee deep in hard work and effort to finish this project.

I am hoping to have this ready to look at crowd funding soon as once we have the main book done I feel that would show those willing to invest in it that it is worth their money. I would say that the bulk of the rule system is about 75% done. A bit more expanding some of the features of the project and away we go to stage 2. We are currently testing the system with two different groups. The feedback has been amazing. I have also gain a few really good testers who love to break the system and are invested in seeing it become a success.

The book “The Choice” is with the test readers……still, Argh lol

The book “Leaves” is under going a third rewrite……As some of the context needs a bit of a rethink.

The book “Cooking to Connect” is stalled due to other projects

The book “What the doctors did not tell me” is still in concept stage. In other words I have the title and the idea, lol.

Well that is the latest update as exciting as it is.

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