Picking and choosing

Let me ask you a simple question. If you are not part of the LGBT+ communities and have chosen to read my site or have been suggested to read it. Maybe you just stumble upon it. I have seen over the last few years the issue that some many people and leaders having issues with Transgender. 

So here is my simple question …

Why? Why do you have such a problem with those who are Transgender? 3000+ years ago a book became popular and faiths of all sorts and sizes have risen and fallen in the regards to this book. Believers of this book tend to pick and choose why they feel was the overall sense of purpose for it. While ignoring the spirit of the book. Since the creation of this book. We have seen science proven a few amazing things about being on this planet. Lets start with a very simple one it is not FLAT, nor does the universe revolve around it. That when you toss something up it does come back down at a certain speed. Then later we saw the rule that every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Then we started to see that wonderful things called Immunization & Antibiotics. Which has proven to work and that as well was given to us by science. But did you know that 3000+ year old book was written by science as well.

Now in recent years we have seen science working hard to answer the questions about sexual attraction and gender identity. But those who are supporters if the Books that talk about a God. Rebel in accepting that the science that has been proven several times over that being Gay is normal. Being Transgender is a physical based issue in the brain as it matches those of the Gender that the person identifies as. 

SO, Why? When do you have plans to jump off the side of the world? Or of you have an infection not go see the doctor? Would you stop driving? Would you stop using powered devices? Powered tools? Telephones? Electric power? Or here is a crazy thought placing a bag on your head and going out in the wilderness to find food? You would also have to give up reading and writing… You wouldn’t do any of those would you because that would be crazy and could kill you. 

SO, Why? Why do we pick and choose what science to believe in when it has become fact? Those books you are reading about your gods never tell you to abandon science (well most of them). But the books you are reading you are picking and choosing the parts that you believe in. Do you think that your God meant for you to do that? Yes I understand that there are certain belief structures that claim their leader talks to God. Yet that God they claim to be talking to says something different to another person who claims to be talking to him. Yet both of you claim that your book and structures are the one and only true one. But did you ever think that your God might not be happy with you because of your hate for one of his creations?

Do you see what I just did there. If everything is normal to be born like this than your God meant it to be this way. So, science and beliefs can walk hand and hand when you don’t pick and choose what you are believing in. Because science does not care what is fact is fact. If you try to walk off the earth you won’t find it and God would tell you to stop wasting your time. All I am asking is that you stop and think before wasting your time in hating someone who is LGBT+ and it has no impact on your life. Because hate has no place in Science or in a belief structure that says “love thy neighbour [sic]”. So, why?

Have a good day…

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