Sometimes it is sad when you are forced to drop a anvil to make a point. But the answers sometimes are what you expect and it reaffirms what you thought all along. So what do you do now? Sometimes nothing, sometimes there is nothing you can do. It is hard when it is a friend, lover, or family. But those feelings are the truth of your concerns or emotions. When you cross that bridge it can be okay to look back as you strike the match that burns it down. Leave the footings if that person tries to make a new bridge. There is nothing wrong in the good foundations only the choices that were made later. No one says that you have to allow that bridge to reach your side of the chasm that once was a crack. Sometimes we have to accept that some gaps cannot be crossed. 

Learn to say goodbye and learn to mourn the loss. But do not learn to be consumed by that loss no matter who they were. You are you and only you can chose to make something better of who you are. So learn to be kind to you while being critical of your flaws. It will not be to painful to fix those flaws. But in the end you will be your own masterpiece. Be the you that little child once wanted to be, be your own captain. In the end just be the masterpiece you that only you can be. 

Have a hammer and chisel of a day.

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