Why are you Transgender? Yup I have been asked….

What a strange and personal question to ask me. But hey I would rather you send me an email asking me like you did than pester some young kid. So lets get this going, by the way it is going to be a long answer.

Birth Defect?

Well it could be a possibility, but to be 100% there is not evidence to suggest that being Transgender is a Birth Defect. Though I have seen some people in the Trans community saying that the “problem” of having the wrong “parts” is a Birth Defect. But this does not really hold much sway in the professional circles. Plus the use of the word Defect means that it is Defective. I have children and I know that they are mine. So my equipment did work. Plus we see news reports of Transmen having babies.

Mother used Drugs or was given Drugs.

Well while my mum was not the greatest in the world. I do know that my mum had a normal gestational period without any issues that might cause concerns. Plus we have seen time and time again that babies born addicted. having links to social based issues and health based issues, not Gender based issues. Though I could be wrong….

Gender Dysphoria is a western world problem.

Well this is not 100% true, but true to some part. In the South Pacific island there are some that have a 3rd gender. There are also Tribes in the First nations of the America’s who also do not hold to the 2 gender stereotypes. Then we need to review the issues of the Norse who also had a non-standard “Gender” group. Time and time again history has been twisted by Christianity and the over zealous nature of those who in charge of it at different time periods. So without really digging into the histories to much it might be safer to say that without knowing where the white washing took place is to not point vague fingers.

Took drugs.

Well, you should really have a think about that one. In simple Baby boomers should been a less anal, lol. While I have smoked a few joints in the past I doubt that would have done it to me. Why because I knew the feelings of something was odd, before I found drugs. I was six years old when things started to not add up.

Mental Health Issue

Well in a way yes it is much like Dyslexia is. Both are issues of the brain where something is not lining up. Both have treatment plans to reduce the issues linked to the disorder. As for me I am doing HRT (hormone replacement therapy) which have calmed a lot of my issues but not all of them. We also need to see that it is a physical based issue and not a mental health one. Unless the environment that a Transperson is part of is creating one.

The three following links are resources that you can read up on that will help you start to understand the Brain structures and being Transgender. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/05/180524112351.htm https://www.medicaldaily.com/transgender-peoples-brain-structures-are-different-cisgender-folks-study-423107

I believe if my memory servers me correctly that the last study was a blind study done on several cadavers. That included Trans and Cis individuals.

Next we need to address the confusion of Body Dysmorphia & Gender Dysphoria and the dichotomy that exists. I am including a couple of links that will help you better under the differences.


Also we as a society as a whole need to stop picking and choosing the science which we believe in. BTW science does not care if you believe in it. A fact is a fact, the earth is round, gravity works, vaccines save lives, and the science behind Gender is solid. The only reasons people argue otherwise is personal dislike or religious.


I hope this answers a few ideas on why I am Transgender. Don’t worry even I am still trying to understand everything about being Transgender. I have spent several hours and looking at countless resources. Just to understand the question of Why am I Transgender. Hope this answers your question.

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