Hello my wonderful readers as the new year is close. I would like to send a msg out to all of you to please be careful. I know this is a little redundant as you might have heard this a few times. But I cannot express it enough that I do value all of you. We all know that there are those out there who don’t. So if you don’t mind let me drop a few suggestions.

  1. Please if you go out,When walk don’t do it alone. Safety in numbers is a real thing.
  2. NEVER leave your drink alone.
  3. Let people know that you are going out.
  4. Don’t use drugs that will compromise your sense of understanding.
  5. Dress with brains…..
  6. When walking put you phone away.
  7. In the end er on the side of caution and keep yourself safe.

What can I say I have children and I think like a parent. So as I leave you with this message. Have a safe and happy New Years Evening and a safe start to the new year.

Much love

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  1. Happy New Year xo


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