New years resolutions

Well isn’t this the stuff we call junk ideas. Well at least I do….

I have made the choice to start looking at my surgeries. While this might be a hard read for many. It is something I have been thinking hard about. I started talking to a good friend who has said she would be there for me during and afterwards for the surgeries. I think my path to completion is going to be a little different than others as I will look and research each choice before writing about it then I will undergo said surgery.

I have been looking at a wide list of them as well as which is the best for my budget. Writers are not rich generally speaking and I am not about to run a Gofundme as I think this is a very personal event in my life. Yet I am going to blog about it, lol. Kinda an oxymoron isn’t it. Plus the idea of Begging for money just feels wrong to me. If something is important enough then you will save for it.

The reason I came to this choice is that I have spent 50 years not really liking who was in the mirror. About three years ago that started to change as I started on HRT. The path has not always been a great one there have been losses along the way. But to me dead weight is just that dead, so why drag it along behind you. Those that I have lost well that is their loss not mine.

The first surgery that I am looking at is called an Bi-lateral Orchiectomy. Which is the removal of testicles and the sperm cord. HRT has done a lot for me. This is normally done during the reassignment surgery but since Medicare does not fund that. But does fund the Bi-lateral Orchiectomy. My thought process is to break up the components of the reassignment surgery. So since my doctor is not bulk billed I am going to save a few dollars and have a meeting with him about it all. It should be done in a day surgery in and out without to many issues. My close friend will pick me up and the healing part will start.

I am also going on a diet to shed the excess weight that HRT and being a writer has given me. If you did not know to receive reassignment surgery one must be below 80-90 kgs. I think it will take me a year to drop the weight safely but I am going to do it. So the main surgery will be towards 2020. But that will be okay giving me a year to get rid of some issues that my ex is causing once more. Healthy mind, Healthy body…..

I will be 50 this year and I think it is about high time to start making a move to a more harmonious life. Some of that path will take me down a bit of physical pain but in the end a few steps closer to my reality. I hope that you will join me in my writings on this path. There was a large amount of soul searching in 2017 that have lead me to this point. So lets enjoy the journey.

So Happy New Year…..

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