30 days to a change

Well if many people who know me have known. I have struggled with my weight for almost most of my life. It has never been a smooth sailing one year it might be up and the next way down this by no action of my own. I am healthy or at least the doctors say. So I still don’t know why. I am not the only one in my direct family that has had weight issues. My mum was not a healthy person in her eating and that lead to her issues. My dad well mini Chocolate doughnuts and 32 oz drinks (Aussies, these are really big drinks) are his treats.

One of my goals is to cut some weight this 2019 and get ready for Surgery. So how do I plan on doing this? Well, I am going to once again try to cut out added sugar. I will be starting this on 15/1/2019. Heaven help me, this is going to be a battle.

What I am also going to do it is add a post everyday about how it is going and what it is doing to my body. By forcing myself to blog about it I hope I will be able to beat the need for cheats. I am not really looking forward to this challenge. But I need change and if you want something bad enough you will find a way to do it.

So today being the 14th I am going to enjoy my last bit of chocolate that has been in the fridge for sometime. I might even get a Coke and drink it ice cold (Coke is the Bane to my Batman). Water and I have a love hate relationship it loves me but I hate the taste of nothing. Lemon helps but I don’t have a tree in the back yard to get some. Plus I hate giving the stores money from something like a lemon. So as when Tuesday starts I will be able to proceed on the challenge.

Keep me in your thoughts please I am going to need it.

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