One more thing

Well shit, this came in my news feed today from a friend. It is a bit of a read but I would like you to please take the time and read it.

I wrote a post last year begging people who are Transgender to get the fuck out of the US. I am once again saying the same damn thing. Get Out! Do it as soon as you can. There are countries that will take asylum seekers. Yes, you can seek asylum look towards Canada. They are far safer than that of the US. Sweden of all places is safer, Australia is safer, Japan is safer and New Zealand is safer. It took six days for the first Transperson to be killed in the US. Six days, did the mainstream media report this? Hell no!

Please don’t be another number on that list.

If you are outside of the US, DO NOT GO THERE. You are not welcome or safe. Don’t let people try to tell you that it is okay. Let me ask you this are you willing to risk it? I was born in the US and I am not going to risk going back there even for a visit. That says a lot, mind you I really don’t have a reason to visit. Unless it is Disneyland again, yeah……no. The Goldcoast can do the same thing and it is safe there. Look I am not saying that where I live if perfect, but I don’t have to worry about being killed or attacked for using a restroom to pee. There is no nut job in the main role trying to convince people I am a perv, oh fuck the PM is Scott Morrison. Still, he is a toothless dog and will not be in his job much longer. The right wing here while is still trying to be like the US (vomit) is not as powerful as most of Australia is not religious nutters trying to force people into thinking a certain way, oops Scomo…..the pm (ha ha).

Please I really do mean it get to somewhere safe the writing has been on the walls for years now. If you think it is going to get better think again. What is becoming of the US is clear. I for one disagree with the story and think that women who have been elected this past year will not be able to stop the slide, to much has changed.

Whatever you choose to do please be safe. This was just a voice of warning, again.

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