Day 1 ugh

Early to bed last night thought about a bowl of ice cream. Yeah needed sleep to stay away. So as it is said early to bed early to rise. Up at 5:30 am. Okay that is not so bad grab water and start drinking. No coffee or Tea (orange tea with a bit of honey) both help me wake up. So now the eagle eye begins looking at the labels of everything I eat to make sure no sugar added. BTW I am not silly enough to go for Fruit Drinks. I will avoid those as well. Bad day though woke up with cramps. I know it will be about day 3 when the no Coke detox will start in and I might get a little short with others.

I have forewarned the kids that I am doing 30 days no sugar. Gosh, my kids are great they have told me that they are proud of me and will help me. Yeah, they will help because I was not able to eat all of the chocolate bar in the fridge. So that will make their day when they get home. I don’t know what to think about this yet. I am a tad bit scared, to be honest about it all. I have never gone without sugar for long periods of time. I have tried but fail at day 4-7. But I have cut out Coke for 6 months to a year. So I know I can do that. I have panadol to help this time.

I will also up the exercise to help burn more fat and keep me busy. I have been given a dead line to finish a part of my current project that I am teamed up with others. That dead line is on the 1st of Feb. That is not that hard to meet but I will work more to keep my mind busy. When the kids get home we are going to go walking short distances to help as well.

I am tracking my weight but I am not going to tell people about it until I reach 30 days. If I can make 30 days I will see if I can make 60. Make a goal with a second one as well.

Have a nice day everyone

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