Day 2 OUCH!

Well I was hoping that I would not feel this pain until at least day 4. But it is proof my luck is not always on my side, lol. I knew it was coming but I did not think it would be this soon. I was ready for it as I planned I had a box of pain relief so at 3 am when it said Hellooo. I was up and the sharp pain was from my eyes to the back of my head. Grab the pain relief and a shower. Yup a shower as I was also having a allergy attack at the same time. I knew standing was not smart in case I fell over so I sat down and let the water drift over me. As the water began to go cold I crawled out in so much pain.

Made my way to my bed and collapsed in a heap of a Towel and human below it. I woke back up at 11:30 a and here I am at my desk with the hang over of a head ache from hell. Still a bit dizzy and cloudy in thoughts.

Last night I also had huge Sugar cravings that were helped by drinking mint herbal tea with nothing added. I just filled my water bottle and placed a tea bag with it. I have not had the energy to aerobics at all yesterday. I don’t think I will as well today as there is very little chance I am going to turn on the music.

Btw if you did not know I am very dyslexic. I am now starting to use Grammarly to help me out and see if this makes my ramblings a bit easier to read. we will have to see. I thought I should just go back and review past posts to see how far I have come in my writings. But I have a few deadlines that I need to keep.

Well, have a wonderful day and if something that sparks my interest I will post later if need be. Now it is back to work, ❤

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