Day 3

Well the good news first…

I did not kill anyone, yet. But I have done the smart thing and have chosen not to be around people. I know that is cheating but I know myself without Caffeine. But the Mint water has been helping. It is nice to be able to not worry about the cravings yesterday. There is still a Chocolate bar sitting in the fridge. So I am proud of myself on that. Does not hurt that I am not a fan of Chocolate. To many people, 3 days is not much. Every day I am proud of what I am doing towards my goal.

But I have not added the stress levels yet. That will happen on Monday when I have to be in the same room with Ex. Who has a very hard time in telling the truth. Even so much that my Attorney said WTF. Then the kids start school soon. I am a bit nervous for Gabriel he is starting High School. While many might say that is not to bad. I did not have a good experience at it. In fact it was one of the lowest points in my life. Looking back we all have those but to see our children stepping into that environment is a whole other experience. Mind you my oldest Daughter made it through it (I am so proud of her). But this time is very different, you have me as a Transwoman. So we will see what the outcome is I might have to take the time and go in and speak at the school. Which is fine I have done it a few times.

I just now started getting cramps again. It could be from several different reasons. Possible that I have not had lunch yet. I think I might make a soup for dinner tonight. Split pea and ham sounds healthy and yummy at the same time, lol. Well I also need to get back to working on the books.

Have a great day everyone.

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