15 days the halfway mark

Well, I really did not think I could make it this far. There is a simple reason for that. Christmas sparked a huge pile of stress in my life. I was not ready for that at all. It blew my budget and wiped out my savings at the same time. I am still trying to bounce back from it.

But on the flip side, I am very happy to be at 15 days. Mint water has been my saving grace. That week without it proved to me how much it does help. I got some on shopping this week and it is working again. Phew, those cramps were enough to wreck me. Someone asked me if I would continue it once I reach 30 days. To be honest 30 days was not the reason to start this. My health was and I have a set of requirements that must be met before I will enjoy a Cold Coke with Ice. But if that takes a year then I will do it. I will do what I need to do to meet these goals.

Even my ex’s know that when my mind is locked onto a goal nothing will stop me from reaching it. It used to drive one of them nuts. Sorry “J” but that is the best part about my driving force. So I will reach those goals come hell or high waters. Though this is a very dry year for Tassie. Don’t think that I have to worry about High Waters, lol.

Changing my eating habits as well. Snacks are all out as well. I did check my weight at 1 week and that looks fine but I will check it tonight again. So I will keep my fingers crossed and not get my hopes up to high.

Well have a wonderful day, I am as I drink mint water.

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