20 days

Well, so far so good. I am almost done with the 30-day challenge. Thinking of seeing how long I can go. I know I have a goal but even after I reach that goal how long can I continue it. Now to be 100%, I have only cut out Coke, Caffeine, Lollies (candy) and adding sugar to cereal. I am thinking of expanding it to cutting back on food products that have sugar added into it that does not need it. Pizza can never be messed with.

Though I will say this though that the Mint water will continue. At first, it was to just help me stop hating the fact I was having cramps. But then those went away with the mint water. I also must say that my very bad breath is now gone. I am not sure why that stayed but now that it is gone I am very happy. I have also noticed that my teeth are cleaner than before. Energy levels, for the most part, are returning to a normal state. So how do I feel about this? Well at this time I am leaning more towards the ideas that I was having to much sugar. With only ten days left to make my first goal. I am excited.

Well, have a good day.

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