Why do I write? (A new reader question.

Well, gee it started on this blog in 2015 when the world started to come to what I would like to call the eventual end. If you did not know I am still married to someone to whom I do not wish to be. The events that lead to this are many and some do not shine kindly on that person. So, I will avoid bringing that into this post. I must say at one time I thought that we both loved each other. People change and with that comes the reality that you might not be in love with that person.

As I was saying, I was needing a way to express my ideas and a friend of mine suggested I start to write. I have always dreamed of writing, but being highly Dyslexic I shied away from the idea that anyone would want to read my posts. I expressed this to my long friend. She told me that I had always been a big risk taker why should I stop now. That is when I hit me I had stopped taking risks. Somewhere I allowed a person to neuter my personality. I was trying to write a book in 2007 but a person that I thought I could trust told me I was not a writer and that no one would ever read my stories.

We warn parents not to do this to there children. But little do people know that it has the very same effect on adults as well. I had a great start to a fiction piece and with the right backing, it could have become something special. But I listened to a voice that cut me very deep and I shelved it away and in time it was lost. When I wrote my first book I was so shocked that I did it. I did not know at the time it is not always going to be easy to write stories. I also did not know that you can dig too deep on stories and find Monsters hidden in peoples closets. I like writing non-fiction, the reality of life is more than a connection to others. It is a magical thread that binds to all of us. We find that with real stories it is harder to hate the person behind the face when we know it.

I was finding also when I wrote on something I was releasing a pressure that was building up inside of me. A magical connection that at this time I am still short for words on how it makes me feel to do it. But like an addiction, it is something that needs to be done. I enjoy it I love the power and the magic of every word. So that is why I write….

Have a wonderful day and do something magical.

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