30 DAYS!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I did it……So what do I think about the adventure?

Well, a lot has changed and some changes are very exciting for me. Weight loss, Food Tastes better, Amount of food intake changed, Skin health changed, Urine changed, No longer feeling bloated, Thinking is clearer, The sense of smell has improved, Body odor has reduced, Sleep is better, Bad breath has gone, snoring has reduced, and the list goes on. But I am very happy with the results.

So, where to from here. Well, I am having a cheat day today. But starting tomorrow I am going to start another 30 days. But this time I am going to step it up again. I am going to forgo Caffeine, Fizzy Drinks, and Sugar that is not needed (candies & lollies). But this time I am going to cut out bread so bye bye pizza (yeah I know this is going to be hard, I love pizza). Just so you know for the most part I am not forcing this on to my kids. I am a firm believer that they have a right to a childhood. But I am reducing their intake of Sugars. But bread is still going to be in their diet due to school and sports that they are in.

I am not going to cut out rice and pasta. I am going to reduce the intake for me but not cut out. As the cut out of Caffeine and Sugar was a huge shock to my system. I was not fully ready for the impact of how I would respond to something that I used as a standard staple. So cutting out the Bread might have another shock to my system.

What or how did it affect my HRT (hormones). Well, I was pleased that it did nothing that I could directly be able to point out any changes. But as I write this I am reflecting on my emotional connection to everything around me. HRT has done some amazing things for me.

Did the 30-day challenge help with physical Trans health. Well, I am losing some weight and it is coming from my midsection (standard women’s waistline) and my thighs. This is nice and makes me feel like I would like to continue this challenge. No boob shrinkage, lol. I am also losing some fat in my face as well. I will know more when my new driver’s license arrives, lol. I hate photos!

In conclusion, DO IT! See what it does for you. Keep a journal on all of it and share it. You don’t have to share it all as I am keeping my weight and the loss to myself. Some things are private and when I reach my goal I will let everyone know what took place. Look it is only 30-days, one month of your life. What if you feel like I do right now? I am going to do it again…

Have a wonderful day ❤

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