Well as we all know without planning you are planning to fail.

Here I am planning out the surgery part of my Transition. That means,
1) Weight loss
2) Support Network
3) Money (The house will get sold this fucking year!)
4) Attorney & Will
5) Doctor Visits
6) Aftercare
7) Life moving forward
8) Travel (boat or plane) + Bobbie (a trusted friend who does not get grossed out)
9) Pre-teen watcher in case there is a timeline issue.

Shit, there is a lot to do…..

I watched this video this week and it was very helpful in answering a few simple questions that people might have as to what is going to take place.

Well, the weight loss is well underway there is a lot to lose. Sugar and Caffeine are out of the picture. But I am going to go see my doctor to talk over this plan.

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