The magic of parenting

Despite what some in my blood family might think (I was once told by a family member that I was a horrible parent who should not be one [sic]). I am a good parent that strives always to be a great parent. There are times when I don’t reach this level. But like today the sun will set and Tuesday will be a new day to strive towards my goals as a parent.

Why am I saying this? Well, it started so very simple. Three weeks into the new school year one of my children has lost her lunch box. ARGH!!!!!
It did not make for a very happy parent. So today she is using a bag for lunch, Grrrr. We had the last lunch box for 2 years and this was a treat for the child. I am hoping that they come home with it this afternoon. I won’t hold my breath.

Then in the car, someone said I hate school. Both my Ex and I work hard to stress to all our children how important school is and why we feel this way. My oldest (25) is working towards her masters (so proud). Now in saying that not every child is measured by her. They are however measured by what we feel they can achieve. I work very hard at supporting them in their goals in school. I am also proud of their victories, as well as work with them to overcome their defeats. I look at their events outside of school. There are times where they are not always happy with those but we look at where we started and where we are now. I show them that small failures are but a drop in the ocean of the success that they have built. I even use those words to keep in their minds the visual of an ocean of success.

Okay as I was leaving the school after dropping the youngest children off. I felt so proud of them and their efforts. Yeah, it was a lunch box that might be gone, I hope not because that one was $$. But, if it is might have to look at getting a new one (deep breath). After school, I will sit down with her and talk it out, this time looking at for resolution. Being this time she will need to work it off (chores). Why do this? Well, I am doing this to teach her about money once more. I never sugar coat money and the costs of things. If we cannot afford something I come right out and tell them.

Now as every parent knows this is the magic of parenting. Balancing the good with the bad. Scrapes and Bruises, we press on. Not every day will be good and not every day will be bad. But they are worth every second.

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