Blight update

As I have said in the past that I am working on a book with a few other people. This book is a Table Top Roleplaying game. Yup years of gaming passion now to be put to use. We are going to be entering the playtest Alpha 5.0 on Feb the 26th. Which I hope by the end of March will see us reach our goal of Beta Playtest 1.0. Which will see us into our Second quarter with our Kickstarter part of the project. We hope to see some funds to begin coming in for the Artwork, Layout, and Editors in the third quarter. The fourth Quarter we are hoping that everything will be ready for the copyright check. With the release of Blight in 2020.

I am not going to give you too many clues as to what Blight is all about until the start of the Kickstarter campaign. But we are still looking for local Launceston, Tasmania talent as we would like to bring new business to our wonderful city. So keep your eyes open on my page and I will let you know what we are doing.

I am so very excited about this. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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