The painful truth…

Being Trans is not easy, I love it when people tell me they admire and are encouraged by my story and life. The hard cold reality of being Trans is one that is Alone and sometimes Unemployed.

The Alone part I am dealing with that. Most of that is my fault. I was hurt so bad in the last relationship that I am still very scared about meeting people. But I keep trying yeah I don’t want to be single but then we add in the fear factor and I retreat back to my safe place. I even think that who would want this damaged package, so then I retreat back into my safe place.

Unemployment is a nightmare, to say the least. It is something many people don’t think about when they think about the Trans community. But it is a cold and hard reality. In some places like the US, Transwomen are forced to turn to prostitution (which is against the law in 49 states). They do this just to survive. It comes with HUGE risks factors and does not make for a fulfilled life.

But I live in Australia and things are different here thankfully. But I am still faced with the reality of being unemployed. I look at all the jobs I have applied for and all the knock backs I receive. I meet with a person who is to help me with finding a job twice a month. Who about a week ago wanted to introduce me to her boss. Who in less than 15 minutes told me that “my depression would get better when I got a job” then discounted what I had to say about finding a job as a Transwoman. I was so pissed steam was coming off of my head. In three years I have applied for over 300 jobs. So when people tell me it is not hard to find work I so want to copy and paste them my seek applied for a section of that account. I stopped collecting all the letters of rejection it was getting depressing.

I have ideas for a business but that also fell a bit flat. But that is okay I was dealing with my depression issue over the holidays and came to the point that I needed to dive back into writing. I also started to look at using Patreon to support my efforts.

My thoughts are to set up a Patreon site and link it to this blog. But as a benefit for those who are willing to support these efforts. I will make on the Patreon side a chapter per week as I write some of my books. Mind you I have 8 books that are not finished so there will be many different things to read. I would love your feedback on this idea and what you would be willing to contribute to the upkeep of the blog and be able to read my books as I write them.

Have a wonderful day.

Thank you


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