I should know better…

I have huge respect for PFLAG. I was up writing and reading when this came across my news feed from them. Link 

Needless to say, it pissed me off a bit. So I wrote a response, a little on the long side but someone needed to speak out.

“O.M…… What irresponsible rubbish did Transforming Tasmania spewed out of their spokesperson’s mouth. “No doctor can say whether you are or are not trans.” – WRONG period. There is a reason for the WPATH guidelines. They are in place not only to protect the Patient but the doctors as well. There are medical conditions that mimic Gender Dysphoria. Without proper care and diagnosis mistakes could happen. Some parts of Transition cannot be reversed. Counseling is 100% necessary we all carry baggage. Transition is not a walk in the park and one day you wake up and say holy (beep) it all makes sense lets get it chopped off or added on. 
“Trans people are who we say we are and we shouldn’t be having to prove that.” Yeah, I am sorry but you do need to prove it. Getting treated for the wrong health condition is like having your foot chopped off when all you had was a headache. The WPATH guidelines protect us in more than one way.
“The intent of this bill is to move away from language that medicalises being trans,” Why in the heck would you want to do this. It has taken years for the health professionals to get to a point where we are being Treated correctly. Moving away from medicalizing the Transgender condition in any form, will do no one any good. Then they change the story that being Trans is not a health issue but a myth. 
Next, it is this type of careless rhetoric that is placing us in harm’s way. The media and certain groups have spun this crap in a light that makes us look bad. Which by some right is True, we do look like morons when we push for changes in laws that should be governed at the Federal level. Then those laws also do not hold True to the intent of WPATH guidelines. Yes if a child is born Intersexed then a birth certificate should state that and not Male or Female. But to go blank or opt out is a statistical nightmare. There are conditions that are being tracked for birth defects when babies are born using the standard two markers. Take that out and have no plan to adjust for the overall change, chaos. Then you also have issues that some of these numbers and conditions are being tracked worldwide. 
Last and in close to my point if you want to allow people to see the Trans community in a more favorable light. We should have proposed a more simplified approach to changing the Birth Certificate for the Trans community. I think what Rosemary Armitage has proposed is on that level. We who are Transgender and are going through Transition already have two doctors stating this type of information. So why make a big stink about it.”

Thought I would post this here as well.

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