I am a big fan of change. When something does not work the way you hoped it would. Change it or fix it. If you fail at something you have not lost, you have learned what not to do. I have this web site and an idea to big change to the world in a positive way. They call it a social enterprise. But it failed, why I could not find funding for the idea without it being my own capitol. Being that right now I am not liquid enough to do that. So, I closed the idea and took the time to reflect and learn from what I had built on paper. I also learned a bit more about people and myself. In the end I came out a winner.

But there is an upside after all of the work I did. I am going to re-purpose the website and the name of the business. I already have business cards that I love and really cool banners. So what am I going to do with it. Well in the coming days I am going to move all my current descriptions of coming books and their progress on to that site. Creating a front door for all of my projects.

The business Tag might need to be changed in the future but for now I think it will be fine as most of my books reflect on the human experience in one way or another. As I tell me children waste not, want not. So if you go the site called in the coming days you will see what is taking place in my writing projects.

This will allow this site to return to what I really wanted it to be about and that is about my life and journey. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and understanding while these changes are taking place.


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  1. Good for you. BTW my house is sold. I leave on Anzac Day. JL xo


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