Human Roadshow

A while ago I tried to look at creating a social enterprise that could help create change and understanding of others. But while my idea was very sound and logical in its approach. Finding the funding was not such an easy task.

I tell my children to fail and fail often. Fail so big that others see your failures. When you look at those failures, you will see a long list of Successes. You will also learn how not to do something. While my idea was ambitious it was also impracticable from a funding stand point. So instead of wasting all the efforts and building blocks that I have created for this idea. As I look back I see success and I see opportunities. I few weeks ago behind the scenes I started to change my approach to this failure. I am always being asked how are my projects going? As well as when is my next book going to be released. This placed a lot of pressure on me and at times I also viewed/created deadlines that were not needed. Beating myself up when I could not reach these deadlines.

In a way to adjust my approach to my talent I have re-purposed the site. As a way not to waste what I had designed and to also help me answer the question that is always being asked. I have now adjusted the site to be my publishing portal as I am a self publisher. This will have links to where you can purchase my books as well as another attempt to create a deadline for myself with a little less pressure. If you have some spare time hop over and take a look to keep up-to-date.

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