Stepping away

A few weeks ago I tried to have a discussion with Martine Delany about some legislation that her lobby group was pushing. I am not going to rehash that topic you can read the post on this site. But I have been thinking that some of these Agenda’s for the last of a better term don’t speak for me. Some in my eyes hurt the community that I am a part of. As a direct result they are hurting me and others that I care for. I have a friend to has a young child who is also Trans. I would hate to see any violence enter her life or the life of her beautiful family.

After my interaction with Martine, I have reflected on some feelings that I have had for some time. That removing my support for Tasmanian lobby called Transforming Tasmania does more hard than good. I am also a professional who is no longer willing to support their approach to change. As a member of the Human Library I have seen first hand that the gentle approach creates a more understanding change. I have seen it in the eyes of those to whom I talk with. I have also seen that living my life out in the open and remaining the kind person that I am affects others in the same way. I am a visible face at my children’s school and their Jiu-Jitsu lessons. I have always been a little scared of meeting new people. Not that I want to be I just am, it is that fear of the unknown. But I have been blessed with meeting so many wonderful people and opportunity to get to know them on a level of humanity and respect. This was done by being a good person and not by screaming that change must happen.

As it is said you will get more flies with Honey that Vinegar. Very true words of wisdom and I am going to keep doing what I am. To create real change and understanding about being Trans. But I am not going to be associated with Transforming Tasmania.

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