If you think that America is the land of the free look at all the people in that Jails and Prisons. Look at what they are doing to Manning. Today the US has once again shown that it has the biggest hard on for Julian Assange. He was arrested in London, I would love to now see a large media dump by Wikileaks. If you don’t think he knew this day would come you are a bit out of touch. It was only a matter of time before the US might forced the world to do what it wanted. I hear so many people say that China is a bad country. With horrible rules and acts of violence towards its own people. Yet they ignore what the US does on a daily basis. At some point you have to turn on you brain and do some fucking reading outside of the US and Rupert Media circus. The freedom that you think you have is only a veil that hides a monster that makes it look like a tissue.

Julian Assange & Manning

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