2019 and 2020

Are you 18 or older? Do you live in a place where you can vote? Then you need to do it! No excuses…

In the last ten years we have seen a huge slide downward in the world. God is not to blame but we are. By action of inaction we vote in Monsters without really thinking of what might happen if…

In the US you have a man who respects only people who think like he does and no one else. Even then he he treats those like used toilet paper. In Australia we have the Liberal party and a few speed bumps who sit in office. With a current leader no one voted for and is a hypocrite to a point it should shock anyone, but it doesn’t.

So in these two years we can make a change. VOTE, vote for what is right, vote for good people to lead us, and vote for those whom you can trust. If that means not voting for the lesser of two evils then DO IT! But VOTE!

Don’t let them win, VOTE!

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